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An integrated PV valuechain ensures secured supply, high quality and cost control. We creat best value for our customers.

We are fully integrated polysilicon, wafer, cell, module and PV system supplier

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  • MWT--TWxxxB60-PA

High-power MWT Module

Module Description

TIANWEI, a company with over 50 years' history, has well established a fully integrated PV industry chain(silicon-wafer-cell-module).


Utilizing first class equipments and high quality components with industry proven technology, plus our quality oriented philosophy, TIANWEI is committed to providing you:

High-performance modules with reliable quality
Manufacturng warranty: 10years
Industry leading power output warranty:
             *With in the first one years, the output power shall not degrade more than 2%

             *With in the first two years, the output power shall not degrade more than3%

             *In the following 23 years, the average annual power degradation shall not exceed more than 0.7%

After 25 years, the product's output power shall not be less than 83% of the minimum output power as set forth in this specification.


Compared with the industry standard 10 years 90% and 25 years 80% power output guarantee, TIANWEI's semi-linear performance guarantee provides you with considerable added value.

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Electrical Characteristics top

Type Unit TW250B60-PA TW255B60-PA TW260B60-PA TW265B60-PA TW270B60-PA TW275B60-PA
Max-Power Pm(W) 250 255 260 265 270 275
Power Tolerance W 0~+5
Max-Power Voltage Vm(V) 30.4 30.6 30.8 31.0 31.1 31.2
Max-Power Current  lm(A) 8.26 8.37 8.47 8.58 8.69 8.82
Open-circuit voltage Voc (V) 37.3 37.5 37.7 37.8 38.0 38.2
Short-circuit current lsc (A) 8.91 9.00 9.08 9.17 9.25 9.33
Module Efficiency  ηm(%) 15.74 16.06 16.37 16.69 17.01 17.32

  • STC:AM=1.5, 1000W/ ㎡,TC 25℃
Mechanical Characteristics top

Dimensions    Length: 1620mm  Width: 980mm  Depth: 40mm
Standard Installation Hole Dimension    Length: 840mm Width: 930mm  
Weight    18kg
Solar Cells   60 solar cells (156mm x 156mm) in a 6x10 matrix connected string
Front Cover   Low iron tempered glass 3.2mm
Encapsulant(material)   EVA
Frame   Anodized aluminum alloy/sliver/clear
Junction Box    IP65 & IP67
Cable(length/cross-section area)   900mm/4mm²

Qualification Test Parameters top

Max. system voltage   DC1000V(TUV)
Operating Temperature    -40℃ ~ +85℃
Max. static load, front(snow&wind)    5400 Pa
Max. static load, back(wind)    2400 Pa

Temperature Coefficients top

Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)    44±2℃
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax    -0.47 %/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Voc    -0.37 %/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Isc    0.07 %/℃